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    The greatest risk factor for getting breast cancer is being a woman. Know your risk and click here for health and screening tips.
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Will you share your story of survival?

The Orange County Register has put out a call to action, asking you to share YOUR story about how breast cancer has impacted your life and the lives of those around you. Click HERE to share your story and a photo, as we look forward to the upcoming Orange County Race for the Cure. Whether it was yourself, your mother, daughter, sister or friend, your stories and shared experiences truly do inspire your community.



One Response

  1. I am a 6 year survivor and I have to thank my doctor and the best office staff ever:
    Dr. WARREN FONG, Oncologist and the best nurses and staff. They gave me my life and 2 young boys!!! I was 34 years old with a 5 month old son and 3 year old. Dr. Fong treated me with the most aggressive Chemo. and now I am here forever to see my grandchildren!!!
    THANK YOU DR. FONG and STAFF: Hoag Hospital, OC

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