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Friends Help Friends Stay FIT by Sue Parks

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Sue Parks, Founder & CEO of WalkStyles, Inc.

Hi everyone. One of my joys each week is walking with my walking group.  There are now approximately 50 women that participate in various degrees—walking or hiking together a couple of times a week.  Our Saturday morning walks are normally long and challenging.

Recently, there were 10 of us on a very robust hike. We started talking about walking the Komen Orange County Race for the Cure together.  As it turned out, three out of the 10 women that morning were survivors.  Three out of 10!  One thing they all brought up was their need to stay strong and fit.  Each of them was dedicated to their fitness goals. So, as friends, we are committed to help them do just that.  Walk together, laugh together, support each other in whatever way possible.

Friends can help friends stay FIT!  I say this because there was a huge study done a couple of years ago by the New England Journal of Medicine.  In this study that they had done over several years, they found that friends help friends stay FAT!  Can you believe it?  Friends sabotage friends.  Why?  Many sad reasons dealing with insecurity and so on.  How does this link to breast cancer?  Recent studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of breast cancer over 30 percent.  Yikes!  Let’s love our friends and help them become and stay healthy.  It is one step in the fight against breast cancer.  If you want to find new friends to be healthy with, you can join www.WalkStyles.com for free.  Live Well…Walk Far! To register for the Komen Orange County Race for the Cure, go to www.komenoc.org.


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