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A Race by the Numbers

Thirst-busters "on the go".

Thirst-busters "on the go".

Komen Orange County is having this very large outdoor party on Sunday, September 27 – known as Race for the Cure. What does it take to host 25,000 people?

 No thirst allowed – Komen will use 50,000 paper cups at water stations along the 5K Race course, filled by 1,250 gallons of water.  There will also be 30,000 plastic bottles of water available to participants (thanks Ralphs).

 There will be 281 portable toilets.

 Keeping it clean – There will be 450 large trash boxes located all over the premises, and volunteers will use 1,800 trash bags as they continually empty the trash into 7 large dumpsters. Newport Beach will sort all the trash so the appropriate items are recycled.

 Yoplait, the national Race series sponsor, will hand out 10,400 product samples. And there will be large pink boxes so you can lick the pink lids and drop them in, meaning another donation for Komen from Save Lids to Save Lives.

 The 1,482 Race volunteers, wearing sunny yellow t-shirts, will work to keep everyone safe and going in the right direction. (100 volunteers alone to direct parking and 60 along the race course to direct runners and walkers.)

 The most important number is one – meaning we need you there. Every person and every dollar counts.


One Response

  1. It’s always incredible for me to see the magnitude of this event as evidenced by all these details you wouldn’t necessarily think of right away. And GREAT that everything will be recycled! Go Komen!!

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