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The Case for Mammograms

Regular mammograms can save lives.

Regular mammograms can save lives.

If you need one more reason to know and follow Komen for the Cure guidelines for breast cancer screening, a new study has reinforced the importance of mammograms. Nearly three-quarters of breast cancer deaths occur among women who don’t get regular screening mammograms, according to a large population-based study.

Breast cancer mortality rates pulled from the findings were 5% for women on the recommended screening schedule, but 56% for those who never or only infrequently got mammograms. That information comes from Blake Cady, MD, of the Cambridge, Mass., Hospital Breast Center and colleagues who conducted the study.

 The findings were presented last week at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s  Breast Cancer Symposium. You can learn more at www.komen.org and click on the Latest Headlines of Breast Cancer News.

 Take care of yourself, and if you can, donate to the Komen Orange County $125 Challenge to provide a mammogram for a woman who can’t afford one at www.komenoc.org.

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  1. Mammograms for women age 40 is around 1 life saving find for every 1900 mammograms. I agree that this may not be the best number. But women’s #1 health concern is breast cancer. I believe that the emotional side is also important as well. The well being of knowing that your mammogram was normal can also be quite helpful. The Koman foundation is a great foundation. Thx

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