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Komen OC’s Grants Award Breakfast!

Komen OC is awarding more than $900,000 in grants this Friday at our annual Community Grants Award Breakfast.
The community groups receiving the grants serve a diversity of key populations in the area, and will use the grants specifically to implement breast health programs and initiatives to promote early detection of breast cancer and provide access to care throughout Orange County in an effort to save women’s lives.

By implementing an extensive range of breast health initiatives, Komen grantees take proactive steps in ensuring that all women and men have access to life-saving breast health care. Last year alone, more than 8,500 uninsured and underserved women were provided assistance in obtaining free mammograms.

The 2009 community grants recipients and their breast health programs are:
· AltaMed Health Services Corporation / Breast Cancer Early Detection and Care Program
· Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center / Strengthening the Ties: A Multi-dimensional Approach to Raising Breast Health Awareness among Chinese American Women
· Breast Cancer Solutions / Medical Financial Aid; Temporary Financial Aid Program
· Kommah Seray Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation / Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other
· Laguna Beach Community Clinic / Breast Care Advocacy
· Latino Center for Prevention and Action in Health and Welfare / Salud de Seno Breast Health Program
· Nhan Hoa Comprehensive Health Care Clinic / Breast Care for Low-Income and Uninsured Young People
· Orange County Korean American Health Information and Education Center / Pink Ribbon Awareness
· Orange County Rescue Mission Healthcare Services / ACT (Access to Care & Treatment) Now Project
· Planned Parenthood Orange and San Bernardino Counties / Breast Health Program
· Share Our Selves (SOS) / SOS Women’s Initiative
· The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation / Be Self Empowered (BSE)
· Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation / Breast Health Navigation and Education Program
· YWCA of North Orange County / Early Breast Cancer Screening and Education

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