Thank You to the 2009 Race Teams

Beverly Dalton and part of the USPS team

The Team Captains for the Orange County Race for the Cure rock! There is no other way to describe them. They get results . . . teams with lots of people, teams that raise money to fight breast cancer, teams that may be small but are mighty with spirit. Team members account for about half of the participants at Race for the Cure in September each year. They account for immeasurable enthusiasm; displaying Komen pride and corporate pride with rallies, team t-shirts, creative fund raising and fun costumes on the Race course.

The overall largest team for 2009 was from the United States Postal Service. Yes, they deliver for Komen – a team with 976 members! Long-time team captain for the post office is Beverly Dalton. Thanks to Beverly and every member of the team.

The team that raised the most money overall was Team PIMCO, with an amazing total of $71,946.56. Thank you! That money will make a huge difference to women in Orange County, helping to fund breast health education, screening and treatment.

The very results-oriented Team PIMCO

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