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Good News from Sacramento

There was a bit of good news for the state of California’s breast cancer screening program, Every Woman Counts. The Joint Legislative Audit Committee approved an audit of the program at the request of Assembly members Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) and Pedro Nava (D-Santa Barbara), who are challenging the state’s elimination of mammograms for low-income women.

The Every Woman Counts program, which provides mammograms to 350,000 underserved women in California each year, was closed to new entrants January 1, 2010, and will not start screening women again until July. And when the program resumes, services will be denied for women age 40 to 49 — only women age 50 and above will be eligible.

Evans and Nava seek the audit in time for incorporation into the 2010-2011 state budget. The audit will review how Every Woman Counts has faced financial shortfalls and assess how the program uses the money it receives.

The good news comes right after Lobby Day on February 8th in Sacramento. There was a lot of pink for Lobby Day as breast health advocates and survivors took their message to state lawmakers. The Komen Orange County Affiliate was represented, as all the California Komen Affiliates worked together as the California Collaborative to raise a strong voice on behalf of the Every Woman Counts Program. You can follow public policy issues with Susan G. Komen for the Cure at www.komenadvocacy.org/

One Response

  1. the program is indeed very beneficial especially to the breast cancer patients. I deeply wish that the The Every Woman Counts program will continue to achieving its goals.

    Truly, this is a good news

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