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Catch Monica’s Spirit

Monica at the Komen 3-Day Walk, all smiles

Monica Olmos is training for the Komen 3-Day Walk in San Diego in November. It is familiar ground for her. This will be her 8th year doing it. “The experience is contagious. You will be smiling for many months to come,” she says, and she should know.

“I am training by walking every other day up to 5 -8 miles a day. I’ve realized that it’s not healthy to push the miles if my body tells me otherwise.” Monica is attuned to her body and her motivations. She is an 8-year breast cancer survivor. “I have found each year a new and profound reason to walk, whether it’s for the underserved or uninsured women, or for my doctors and nurses who went above and beyond compassionately for my health and emotional needs,” Monica tell us.

Monica was part of a team for her first 3-Day Walk and enjoyed the group comraderie of training and raising money. In her second year, her team raised $32,000 with much collaboration. “More recently I walked the 3 Day without a team. This allowed me more freedom . . .I was a lot more at peace walking at my own pace and taking as many pit stops as I wished.”

Whether you opt for the team approach or walking as an individual, you are never alone  during the 3 Day. Monica’s advice: “Walk at your own pace. It’s not a competition. Having the right perspective can make your walk more inspiring, not to mention others will benefit from it as well. It’s probably the only time your life when you will have thousands of people happy to see you and support you for 3 whole days.” Inspired by Monica? Go ahead, register at www.the3day.org.

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