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Nancy Brinker at Our Race

You think it’s too early to commit to the Komen Orange County Race for the Cure on September 26? People are already registering for the Race. One person in particular who plans to attend is Ambassador Nancy Brinker, the Founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. If she can put our Race on her calendar, you can too.

Brinker has a new book being published on September 14, just days before the Orange County Race. You can read an excerpt of “Promise Me” at www.promisemebynancygbrinker.com. The book will remind you about Susan Komen, the sister who was Nancy’s motivation to make a difference for other women fighting breast cancer.

The book tells how the promise to Susie launched Nancy on a thirty-year-long mission to change the way the world thought of, spoke of, and treated breast cancer. Brinker’s unparalleled success at turning $200 and a list of would-be donors into a movement that has saved the lives of women was recognized by President Obama in August 2009, when he awarded Brinker the Presidential Medal of Freedom. “In the months after making that promise,” the President noted, “Nancy lay awake at night wondering if one person can really make a difference. Nancy’s life is the answer.”

Come hear Nancy on Sunday, September 26, to be inspired. Early registration this month will save you money at www.komenoc.org.


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  1. Looking forward to hearing Nancy Brinker speak at the Race!

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