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Champions on and off the football field

2010 JM Gold Eagles are: Scott Barger, AJ Belmont, Jackson Billups, Griffin Brentlinger, Matt Buoncristiani, Ryan Carcano, Sean Carpenter, Matt Carpino, Campbell Conway, Matt Friedman, Jordan Garbin, Connor Grant, Carter Hartmann, Nick Jarman, Braden King, Hayden King, Chris Labdon, Peyton Marshall, Chris Matula, Michael Occhipinti, Matthew Palmer, Gavin Shafer, Brad Sigal, Noah Strenn, Bryce Tanner, Joseph Uribe, Ryan Wendland and Colby Zahedi. Coaches: Keith Marshall, John Buoncristiani, Keith Carpenter, John Conway, Steve Friedman, Dave King and Don Shafer

Three years ago, the Santa Margarita Pop Warner (SMPW) Jr. PeeWee Gold Eagles went 1-9.  This year, three years later, they entered the Playoffs in the #1 seed position with a 7-0 record, 5 of which were shutouts.  This Jr. Midget team has so much heart and character.  For the playoffs, the boys had the idea to wear pink socks in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  They don’t care what other teams might think, or even if they are made fun of.  They see the bigger picture and know the statement they are making.

At Saturday’s game, several people from other teams talked with them about the pink socks and praised them for doing their part in raising awareness.  The Eagles won their 1st playoff game 6-0.  They will continue to wear their pink socks, win or lose, throughout the month of October.

One Response

  1. This is so great! That even young male athletes would use their sport to support such an important cause for women (and some men too, by the way).

    I am expecially proud because one of the players is my grandson. His dad, one of their coaches, also contributed to our Knobbe Martens team in the Race for the Cure. So I am doubly grateful for their team’s caring and participation.

    Go Eagles! And Thank you! You are an inspiration to
    us all.

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