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My Race for the Cure: Selma Mann

Selma Mann is a breast cancer survivor and Race team captain for Mann Up #1865. Read her poem to learn more about her inspiring journey. You can also donate to Selma’s team by checking out her team page.

My Breasts


I’ve had my breasts forever,

As long as I recall

At first just small brown circles

Snug and flat on my chest wall.


Around the time of puberty

They really grew a lot

I was bewildered and amazed

The boys thought I was hot.


I must admit I liked the cleavage

And how good they felt to touch

They were just the perfect size

Not too little, not too much.


When my two babies were born

A new chapter was begun

The breasts were nourishing and nurturing

Instead of just for fun.


The years were kind and gentle

They stayed perky with no slack

Unless, of course, I happened

To be lying on my back.


I loved them and was grateful

For the many joys they carried.

My husband never ceased admiring them

The whole time we were married.


Then one sad night my true love died

And they really missed his gaze.

They didn’t like the grief world

that had filled too many days.


Another story waited

Cancer sneaked in unannounced

Bilateral mastectomies

Would ensure it could be trounced..


The night before the surgery

I held them one by one

I cried yet I was grateful

For we’d had a darn good run.


For the battle to be won

There simply was no issue

The cancer was removed

along with my breast tissue


New grief was layered over old

Yet step by step I walked right through

With love and family and friends

And my soul mate’s spirit too.


Sometimes it wasn’t easy

But I really hate to lose

So I focused on the gifts

And on finding my new muse.


There have been lots of poems

And butterflies galore

My breasts don’t just have implants

They have memories and more.


I have two lovely, perky breasts

Barbie comes to mind

and when I lie upon my back

They’re certainly more kind.


I’d take my old ones in a trade

But I didn’t have that choice

So I say “thank you” and each day

I remember to rejoice.


Selma Mann


2 Responses

  1. What a lovely poem and sentiment.

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