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Komen Advocacy Alliance Update and Opportunity Drawing Winners

Congratulations to Barbara Maxwell, Trudi Burchieri and Debbie Shoemann, our drawing winners who made a donation to the Komen OC Race for the Cure, and signed the letter to the governor in an effort to passing several pieces of legislation.  They each won a $100 gift card to the Yardhouse and a Bailey Christopher MobileEdge bag.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and either signed the letter, responded to the eblast or tweeted to the governor. We raised $1,630 and collected over 1,600 signatures at the Registration Suite and Race for the Cure. The Komen Advocacy Alliance (KAA) has been working hard to get these bills passed and wouldn’t be able to do it without your help. 

The following bills were signed into law by the governor:

  • AB 137 (Portantino) – Requires health plans to provide coverage for mammograms upon provider referral and notify policyholders of recommended timelines for testing. 
  • SB 255 (Pavley) – Revises the health care coverage definition of mastectomy procedures to include lumpectomy, and also allows the length of a hospital stay associated with mastectomy procedures to be determined post-surgery. 
  • SB 1359: (Simitian) – Extends the Breast Cancer Check off on tax returns until 2018.
  • SB 1538 (Simitian) – Requires that women be notified of their breast density in their mammogram results and recommends they talk to their doctor about their options. 

Unfortunately, the governor vetoed AB 1000(Perea) which would have required health plans that provide coverage for cancer chemotherapy treatment to establish limits on enrollee out-of-pocket costs for oral, nongeneric cancer medication. 

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Remember there is still time fundraising through October 31 to help us reach our goal of $3 million. http://www.komenoc.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?supId=0&ievent=1016557



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