Presenting the 2009 Race for the Cure T-shirt!

Volunteer Robert Cammack debuts the 2009 Race T-shirt.

Volunteer Robert Cammack debuts the 2009 Race T-shirt.

Everyone has that one fixation they can’t justify, some little obsession that occupies too much brain space. For us Race for the Cure devotees, it is the color of the t-shirt. What color will it be this year? Will it be fun, suitable for both women and men? Will I like it?

The answer for the 2009 Komen Orange County Race on Sunday, September 27 is revealed! This year’s T-shirt will be a lively mix of a bright, key lime green and complimentary pink. It has coed appeal. You can pair it with khakis, jeans or maybe black shorts, and pop the color with a coordinating polo collar at the neck or one of those scarves now in fashion.

First you have to register for the Race to get your T-shirt! The Komen Registration Suite opens in one week – on Saturday, September 5, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fashion Island. To see the complete dates and hours for the Suite during September, go to (As a bonus for visiting the Suite, you can see the complete collection of prior Orange County Race T-shirts.)

Most important, your registration dollars will help us to provide vital breast health services in Orange County.

Friends Help Friends Stay FIT by Sue Parks

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Sue Parks, Founder & CEO of WalkStyles, Inc.

Hi everyone. One of my joys each week is walking with my walking group.  There are now approximately 50 women that participate in various degrees—walking or hiking together a couple of times a week.  Our Saturday morning walks are normally long and challenging.

Recently, there were 10 of us on a very robust hike. We started talking about walking the Komen Orange County Race for the Cure together.  As it turned out, three out of the 10 women that morning were survivors.  Three out of 10!  One thing they all brought up was their need to stay strong and fit.  Each of them was dedicated to their fitness goals. So, as friends, we are committed to help them do just that.  Walk together, laugh together, support each other in whatever way possible.

Friends can help friends stay FIT!  I say this because there was a huge study done a couple of years ago by the New England Journal of Medicine.  In this study that they had done over several years, they found that friends help friends stay FAT!  Can you believe it?  Friends sabotage friends.  Why?  Many sad reasons dealing with insecurity and so on.  How does this link to breast cancer?  Recent studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of breast cancer over 30 percent.  Yikes!  Let’s love our friends and help them become and stay healthy.  It is one step in the fight against breast cancer.  If you want to find new friends to be healthy with, you can join for free.  Live Well…Walk Far! To register for the Komen Orange County Race for the Cure, go to

Moderate weightlifting helps reduce lymphedema flare-ups


Findings from a recent study reveal that moderate weightlifting can help reduce the symptoms of lymphedema.  The swelling of the arms or legs when the lymph vessels retain fluid, known as lymphedema is often caused by injury or removal of lymph nodes.  The condition is common among breast cancer survivors.  Kathryn Schmitz, a scientist at the University of Pennsylvania followed 141 breast cancer survivors who suffered from lymphedema.  She enrolled half of the participants in a 90-minute weightlifting class twice a week for 13 weeks, while the other half did not change their exercise routine.  After a year follow-up, 14 percent of weightlifters had suffered significantly less lymphedema flare-ups, as compared to participants who did not practice weightlifting. While the results appear promising, Schmitz warns that breast cancer survivors should not rush into weightlifting training.  Weightlifting training for breast cancer survivors, explains Schmitz, should involve a certified fitness professional, should start slow, progress gradually, and breast cancer survivors should wear well-fitting compression garment during workouts.

Meet our 2009 Race Chair Marica Pendjer!

Marica Pendjer, 2009 Race Chair

Marica Pendjer, 2009 Race Chair

It’s a good thing that Marica Pendjer doesn’t usually need much sleep. It helps on the morning of Race for the Cure when she arrives at her volunteer position at 4 a.m. (And mind you, this is a person who doesn’t drink coffee.) Her energy will also help her steer the Race committee and the long to-do list between now and September 27.

Marica is the 2009 Race for the Cure Chair, a volunteer position. She is a 10-year volunteer for the Komen Orange County Affiliate and each year she has been part of the Race committee. “I’ve gotten more out of it than I’ve put into it. What else was I going to do? I could watch TV or help raise $3.1 million. There’s no choice,” is how she puts it.

A major motivation for Marica is her mother Sanka, a 14-year breast cancer survivor. Marica’s mother, sister and nieces share Race weekend with her every year, commuting from New York for an annual family celebration.

Komen OC needs 1,200 volunteers for a safe and fun Race weekend. Since Marica is just one person, we need you too! (Coffee will be available for us more needy folks.) Learn more about Race volunteer needs today.

Get the Road Dust Off Your Car While Raising Funds for the Cure!


Need your car washed this weekend? Even if you don’t need a car wash, you should mosey over to the “Team Against All Odds” Car Wash on Saturday, August 22.

The team captain for Against All Odds, and the car wash organizer, is Leslie Whitfield. Leslie is an 18-year breast cancer survivor and the 2009 Most Inspirational Breast Cancer Survivor for the Komen Orange County Affiliate. Her goal is to raise $5,000 for her Race Team and the car wash in one way to get there. (By the way, Leslie has already met the 125 Challenge for herself. Yea!)

The details: The car wash will be in Anaheim Hills, in the Big Lots shopping center, at the corner of Fairmont and Santa Ana Canyon Road. Hours are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Team Against All Odds will be accepting donations, with all proceeds going to the Komen Orange County Race for the Cure and the fight against breast cancer.

NEW THIS YEAR! Komen Race Registration Suite at Fashion Island


Announcing the Komen Race Registration Suite at Fashion Island! The Suite, located in Fashion Island’s lower level Atrium Court next to Barnes & Noble Booksellers, will open on Saturday, September 5th. The Komen Registration Suite will help everyone register and pick-up their Race for the Cure t-shirt and/or survivor shirt, Race bib number, day-of-event information and giveaways.  Beginning Sept. 5th hours are Saturdays: 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.; and Wednesdays: 4:00-8:00 p.m.  The store will also be open the entire week before the Race for the Cure, Sunday, Sept. 20 through Saturday, Sept. 27 at various hours. Visit or call 714-957-9157 for exact Komen Registration Suite hours and more information.

Will you share your story of survival?

The Orange County Register has put out a call to action, asking you to share YOUR story about how breast cancer has impacted your life and the lives of those around you. Click HERE to share your story and a photo, as we look forward to the upcoming Orange County Race for the Cure. Whether it was yourself, your mother, daughter, sister or friend, your stories and shared experiences truly do inspire your community.